Modúil Taispeána LED Picteilíní Beaga vs Cabinets: Cé acu is Fearr?

When people choose small-pixel LED displays, they can be divided into two options: LED modules and LED cabinets. Some customers may not know the difference between the module and cabinet structures of LED displays. Which one is better? Next, IAMLEDWALL will analyze it from a professional perspective, hoping to provide you with some help.

Generally speaking, in terms of the overall display effect and the convenience of installation and disassembly, the LED display cabinet is better than the LED module due to the LED cabinet has better flatness, which brings the overall effect of splicing and the integrated display effect of the picture are better. 

Ag an am céanna, tá suiteáil an chomh-aireachta níos tapúla ná sin an mhodúil stiúir, toisc go bhfuil an comh-aireachta níos mó i méid agus níos éasca a dhíchóimeáil, agus ní imbhuailfidh sé lena chéile chun coirníní lampa a chur faoi deara. Mar sin, tá sé níos fabhraí do chobhsaíocht úsáide fadtéarmach.

Cad é modúl stiúir taispeáint LED?

modúl taispeáint LED

LED display Module is the basic unit that makes up an LED display. A complete LED display is formed by splicing multiple LED modules. Different pixel-pitch LED lamp beads are distributed on the modules. Many modules are spliced together to assemble some large LED displays. For example, indoor P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5 and other specifications are also mostly made of LED modules. 

Advantages and disadvantages of LED display modules:

Here’s the advantages and disadvantages of LED display modules:

teicneolaíochtMature technology commonly used in both outdoor and indoor LED displays.-
CostasLow initial installation cost, as well as lower costs for replacement and maintenance. Cheaper to replace individual lamp beads.-
CothabháilEasier to repair individual lamp beads in case of damage.-
suiteáil-Cumbersome and slow, especially for large projects due to the small size of the modules requiring numerous pieces.
Flatness & Gaps-Difficult to adjust flatness with potential for fluctuations and gaps between modules, affecting display quality.

Cad é comh-aireachta taispeáint LED?

bás réitigh comh-aireachta LED

Tá an comh-aireachta taispeáint LED comhdhéanta de roinnt modúil taispeáint LED is féidir a chomhcheangal agus a spliced. Chun timpeallachtaí éagsúla a chomhlíonadh, in éineacht le sraith de rialtóirí cuí (príomhchláir rialaithe nó córais rialaithe), is féidir le boird taispeána (nó boscaí aonaid) de shonraíochtaí éagsúla agus rialaitheoirí le teicneolaíochtaí rialaithe éagsúla a bheith ina go leor cineálacha taispeántais stiúir chun freastal ar riachtanais taispeána éagsúla.

GnéComh-Aireachta IarainnDie-Cast Aluminum CabinetCarbon Fiber CabinetComh-Aireachta Cóimhiotal MaignéisiamNano Polymer Material Cabinet
meáchantromSolasUltra-éadromLighter than aluminum, heavy compared to carbon fiber and nano polymerAn-éadrom
neartNach leorArd-High, with a tensile strength of 1500kgGreater impact load capacity than aluminum alloyShock and drop resistant
BeachtasPoorHigh, allows for seamless splicingHigh, allows for 90-degree splicingDeaDea
dearadhSéalaithe maithCompact, seamless, humanized design for easy installationUltra-thin, fully modular, non-transparent backplaneCompact, excellent heat dissipationShock resistant design
suiteáilGenerally used outdoorsEasy, convenient, with concealed connectionsEasy, modular design for convenient maintenanceEasy, good heat dissipationEasy to load and unload, light to carry
ábharIarannAlúmanamFiber CarbóinAlloy MaignéisiamNano Polymer Materials
CostasInacmhainneHigher than iron, cost-effectiveNot specified, likely higher due to advanced materialsCost-effective, excellent features for priceCheaper than die-cast aluminum, low transportation costs
IarrataisOutdoor large screensIndoor rental displays, seamless splicing applicationsSports venues, outdoor advertising lightsWide range due to strength and heat dissipationNot specified, likely versatile due to light weight and cost-effectiveness

From the above we know that LED screens can be used in different locations and require different types of cabinets, and LED cabinets need strong performance and protection to protect them from external damage. In order to assess the protection performance of LED screens, an IP rating system has been introduced.

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating comprises two digits:

  • The first digit signifies the level of protection against solid objects or materials.
  • The second digit indicates the level of protection against liquids.

For instance, an IP rating of 54 indicates a level 5 protection against solid objects and a level 4 protection against liquids. An “X” in place of either digit (e.g., IPX1) signifies that the product is rated for protection against one type of ingress but not the other.

Seo duit miondealú ar an Aicmiú IP chóras:

Classification of Protection Against Solid Objects:

RátáilChosaint Leibhéal
0Gan aon chosaint
1Protection against solid objects over 50 mm. No protection against touch
2Protection against solid objects over 12 mm, such as fingers
3Protection against solid objects over 2.5 mm (tools, wires)
4Protection against solid objects over 1 mm (small tools, wires)
5Dust-protected. Complete protection against contact
6Dust-tight. Full protection against dust and contact

Classification of Protection Against Liquids:

RátáilChosaint Leibhéal
0Gan aon chosaint
1Protection from vertically falling water drops, e.g., condensation
2Protection against direct vertical jets of water up to 15°
3Protection against direct vertical jets of water up to 60°
4Protection from water sprays from any direction
5Protection from low-pressure jets of water from all directions
6Protection from strong jets of water, suitable for use on ship decks
7Protection against short-term immersion in water up to 1 meter depth
8Protection against prolonged immersion in water up to 1 meter depth
9Protection against prolonged immersion under pressure

LED cabinet maintenance is critical to the longevity of your LED screen, and you can choose to access it from the front or the back. Front-access LED modules, while more complex and costly, can be mounted close to the wall on slender frames. In contrast, LED screens designed for rear access are often mounted on structures that are easily accessible from the back.

Currently, the small pixel LED displays cabinet are basically below P2, such as P1.86, P1.53, P1.25, and P0.9 etc, especially for COB packaged LED displays.

Tuilleadh eolais:

P2 Vs. P3 LED wall

Buntáistí caibinéid stiúir

Large size and easy installation: The size of the LED cabinet is much larger than that of the LED module, so it is relatively simple to splice. Just stack multiple cabinets directly, and it is more convenient to adjust the seams.

Maoile ard: Due to the large size of the LED cabinet, the flatness of the entire LED display after splicing is better adjusted and the effect is better. There will be basically no unevenness and the overall display effect will be better.

Éasca le díchóimeáil: The LED cabinet can be made for front maintenance. If it is used on some occasions that often need to be disassembled, such as some temporary meetings, parties, etc., it will be more convenient to disassemble.

Míbhuntáistí caibinéid stiúir

Praghas níos airde:  compared to the module, the price of the LED cabinet is higher than that of the LED module for an LED display at the same pixel pitch. 

Na difríochtaí idir modúil taispeáint LED agus caibinéid 

The main differences between LED display modules and cabinets are size, pixel pitch, flatness after installation and price.

Difríocht méide

De ghnáth, tá méid an mhodúil stiúir sách beag. Is iad na modúil taispeána LED príomhshrutha atá ann faoi láthair ná 160mm * 160mm, 320mm * 320mm, etc., cé go bhfuil méid an chomh-aireachta LED sách mór, mar is iad na caibinéid taispeána LED príomhshrutha beag 480mm * 480mm, 600mm * 337.5mm, etc. Tá níos mó tóir ag custaiméirí ar an méid deiridh seo mar go bhfuil an cóimheas idir an méid seo deartha le bheith 16:9, rud a fhágann go bhfuil sé níos éasca gnáthchóimheas taispeána an taispeántais LED ar fad a choinneáil.

An difríocht idir pháirc picteilín

Most of the LED displays composed of LED modules have large pixel pitches that are basically between P2~P20, while the LED display cabinets are mostly used in indoor taispeántais LED ar pháirc bheag, mainly used for below P2.

Difríocht i maoile

Since the size of the cabinet is larger, when it is installed into a large-size LED display, the flatness of the LED display spliced out of the cabinet is better, while the seams and concavity of the LED module splicing are often difficult to control. , which will directly affect the later display effect.

An difríocht i áisiúlacht idir suiteáil agus disassembly

The board size of the LED module is relatively small, so the installation is slow and requires splicing piece by piece. The large size of the cabinet makes it more convenient to install, and it is also more convenient to disassemble and repair later. 

Difríocht praghais

In the composition of some small-pitch LED displays, you can choose to use cabinets or modules. For example, P2, P1.8, P1.5, etc. can also use modules, and choose to use modules. The price of the LED module will be cheaper than the LED cabinet. For some occasions with limited budget, the module will be more cost-effective.

CritéirModúl faoi stiúirComh-Aireachta LED
méidSmaller sizes (e.g., 160mm160mm, 320mm320mm)Larger sizes (e.g., 480mm480mm, 600mm337.5mm)
Pic picteilíníLarger pixel pitches (P2~P20)Smaller pixel pitches (below P2)
MaoileDifficult to control, may affect display qualityBetter flatness, resulting in a higher quality display
Installation/DisassemblyTime-consuming installation, piece by pieceMore convenient and faster, easier to repair
PraghasCheaper, cost-effective for limited budgetsMore expensive, may offer better performance and ease of maintenance


Tá an comh-aireachta taispeáint LED curtha i bhfeidhm de réir a chéile ar an margadh le blianta beaga anuas. Úsáidtear é go príomha i gcomhdhéanamh taispeántais stiúir le páirc bheag, go háirithe P1.8, P1.5, P1.25, P0.9, etc. Tá sé níos áisiúla a shuiteáil agus a dhíchóimeáil, agus tá maoile níos fearr aige. Cé go bhfuil praghas na modúl sách íseal ach gan a shuiteáil éasca. Nuair a bhíonn an dearadh á dhearadh, braitheann an rogha maidir le comh-aireachta taispeána LED nó modúl a úsáid go príomha ar pháirc picteilín taispeáint LED agus fachtóirí eile amhail an díchóimeáil go minic é agus an buiséad.