Cé Mhéid a Chosnaíonn Scáileán LED Meall Siopadóireachta?

You find yourself going through this article likely because you are budgeting for an LED screen to be put up in a shopping mall. Did we get that right? Let us guide the way.

Shopping malls are an all-in-one solution for blooming consumerism and customers find themselves grabbing various things off the shelf all under one roof. With numerous shops selling the same niche of products, your merchandise display on a beautiful LED screen can be the limelight for the shop.

How does a shopping mall’s LED display help you?

taispeáint LED ionad siopadóireachta

A shopping mall’s LED display serves as a vibrant and dynamic portal into the heart of consumerism, offering a multifaceted array of benefits to both shoppers and businesses alike. With their bright colors, high-definition imagery, and dynamic content, LED displays are absolute attention-grabbing marvels.

Even in the hustling of cities and the fast-paced life via which you make your way, a good and vibrant LED sign can make you stop, stare, and shop altogether.

Serving as digital billboards or hoarded in restaurants as digital menus, these LED displays also serve as the perfect visual for product advertising, discounts, and much more.

LED displays also bring a very aesthetic appeal to the malls and serve as a good setup for shoppers. Whether from small businesses to big, live game screenings, or huge broadcasts, LED displays serve an array of applications. They serve as visually appealing infometers that can assist a customer with all the information they require about a certain product.

However, shopping malls’ LED display prices do come at a premium price for businesses aiing to a visual spotlight in the heart of shopping malls.

Different types of Shopping Mall LED screens?

Shopping mall LED screens can be of various types ranging from indoor/outdoor to moveable or static. Having a better understanding of all these types along with an idea of the shopping mall LED screen cost helps business owners make the best decision for their businesses.

While the types of shopping mall LED screens have grown to date, it is essential always to find the one that is best suited to your needs. Keeping your customer base in mind is essential as these displays are a huge investment that could go a long way.

Let’s go through some of the basic shopping mall LED screens that we see around:

1.     Indoor LED Screens:

Concourses, atriums, and foodcourt feature this kind of screen. Capable of showcasing advertisements, promotions, and dynamic content, indoor LED screens provide the perfect resolution for a seamless and eye-catching visual experience.

P3 LED display for Indoor Shopping mall:

P3.0 modúl stiúir
Sonraíocht táirgeP3
Trastomhas picteilíní3mm
Pic picteilíní3mm
Dlús picteilíní111,111 pixels/sq. m
modúl Méid192 × 192mm
Rún Scáileán32 × 32
Display Primary ColorsDath iomlán a
Comhdhéanamh picteilín1R1G1B
Dathanna Taispeáin65,536 dathanna
Scála GrayLeibhéil 4,096
Ag féachaint ar UillinnCothrománach: 110 °, Ingearach: 50 °
Ag féachaint ar Fad2-30m
Gile Iarmhéid Bán≥1000cd/sq. m
gile1000cd / m²
Teocht DathAdjustable 3200K-9300K
Cumhacht Uasmhéid800W / cearnach. m
Meánchumhacht400W / cearnach. m
Voltage OibriúcháinAC 220V ± 15%, 50Hz
Ráta Athnuaigh1920Hz
Modh Tiomána1/16 Scan (Dinimiciúla)
Fad Tarchurtha100m (gan sealaíocht)
Timpeallacht OibriúcháinStorage Temp: -40 to 85°C, Operating Temp: -10 to 50°C
Saol na Seirbhíseuaireanta 100,000
Meáchan táirge20Kg/sq. m


Golden ratio Atmospheric fashion

 16:9 Small pitch led cabinet ratio is the golden ratio, you can enjoy the visual, atmospheric fashion, and present the perfect vision.

Ultra-high definition perfect picture quality

Small pitch LED display has very high resolution and brings delicate display effect

Easy to realize large screen display

Small pitch led display can be spliced in any size and direction, with a variety of specifications for the video source to choose from, it is easy to realize FHD, 4K large screen.

Low Brightness and High Gray Color

Adopting high-quality black body LED lamps with black mask, the contrast ratio is up to 3000:1, and the ultra-high definition picture quality of low gray and high brightness makes the picture more clear and delicate and vivid.

Power signal double backup

Adopting dual signal inputs, automatic detection of signal integrity; dual redundant power supply, when one power supply stops working, the other backup power supply continues to supply power, which does not affect the normal use of the product.

More stable refreshing performance

Computer and cell phone control dual support, screen + data cloud + APP, WiFi networking; refresh rate up to 9600HZ, stable performance, no flicker, good display effect. High contrast ratio, ultra-wide viewing angle of 160 °, high brightness and dazzling color, attracting the eye; using highly integrated design, saving 50% of points than the traditional screen.

Energy-saving and save more electricity

The led display light-emitting material itself belongs to energy-saving products, configured with special constant-current driver, energy-saving IC and high conversion rate drive power supply, and the brightness can be automatically adjusted.

2.     Outdoor LED Screens:

P6 taispeáint LED amuigh faoin aer

Do you want to flourish your business by attracting foot traffic? Outdoor LED screens positioned at the right spots at a shopping mall are the way to go. Ensure to get an LED screen display frame of a robust nature so that it may withstand wind and weather conditions accurately.

And then let them do the job of prefacing advertisements and high-yield content that sells your product the right way.

Outdor Taispeáint LED P10 Do Mheall Siopadóireachta

P10 modúl stiúir

Paraiméadar taispeána P10 LED:

Sonraíochtaí TáirgeMúnlaP10
Trastomhas picteilíní10mm
Dlús picteilíní10000 ponc / m²
modúl Méid960 × 960mm
Specs TaispeáinRún96 × 48
Leibhéil LiathscálaLeibhéil 16,384
Ag féachaint ar UillinneachaCothrománach: 160 °, Ingearach: 140 °
Ag féachaint ar Fad≥10m
Gile Iarmhéid Bán6000cd / m²
gile≥6000cd / m²
Teocht Dath3000-10000 inchoigeartaithe
Sonraíochtaí LeictreachaTomhaltas Cumhacht Uasmhéid800W / m²
Meán Tomhaltas Cumhacht250W / m²
Voltage OibriúcháinAC100 ~ 240V, Minicíocht: 50-60Hz
Sonraíochtaí EileRáta Athnuaigh50 & 60Hz
Modh TiománaTiomántán reatha tairiseach
Timpeallacht OibriúcháinTeocht: -40 go 85°C, Taise: 10% -80% RH (neamh-chomhdhlúthú)
Saolréuaireanta 50,000
Doimhneacht Próiseála Dath14 giotán
Gnéithe an MhodúilCuimhne cumhacht-uaire le haghaidh sonraí calabraithe gile agus crómatachta
Limistéar Comh-Aireachta0.9216 m²
Modh CothabhálaSeirbhís cúil
Ábhar Comh-AireachtaCóimhiotal alúmanaim traidisiúnta caighdeánach
Calabrú Chromaticity AonairTacaithe
Diall Ionad Pointe Astaithe Solais3%
Comhdhéanamh Modúl Comh-Aireachta36 (WH)
Struchtúr picteilíníSMD3535 trí-dath faoi stiúir
Modúl Cumhacht uasta28W
Toisí an Mhodúil320(W)*160(H)*14mm
Taifeach modúl32*16
Ceartú Gile Pointe SingilTacaithe
Comhionannas Gile/Crómatacht97%
Codarsnacht≥5000: 1
Uimhir Deimhnithe CCC2016010903900448
Gnéithe SábháilteachtaGB4943/GA60950
Riachtanais SuiteálaIs féidir sreangú lasmuigh, éasca, a shocrú
Comhionannas Comh-Aireachta≤0.2mm
Mód Tiomána ScanadhScanadh 1/4, tiomáint reatha seasmhach

3.     Transparent LED Screens:

P3 taispeáint LED trédhearcach

Transparent LED screens are a technological marvel. As the name suggests, they are unique because they may be used on the forefront of windows and stores while not obstructing the consumer’s view.

They may also be used to create the ultra-real illusion of floating images and aesthetic advertisements.

P3.91-7.81 transparent LED screen For Shopping Mall

P3.91-7.81 full-color transparent LED display is a new generation of LED display products. It can ensure the color richness and display details of the dynamic picture without affecting the lighting and aesthetics of the installation location.

These LED display adopt 1000X1000 cabinet size for design, which can be any direction, any size splicing out any shape of the display body. At the same time, the standard display size design, so that the picture displayed is not compressed, clear and true, presenting the perfect visual effect.

P3.9 7.8 taispeáint LED trédhearcach
Taifeach (picteilín)256 128 x = 32,768
Faoi stiúir-
Pic picteilíní (mm)3.91 mm - 7.81 mm
Dlús Fhisiciúil32,768 picteilín / m²
Modh TiománaConstant current drive IC
Gile (cd / m²)≥3000 cd/m²
Leibhéal Liathscála65,536 (16 giotán)
Ráta Athnuachana (Hz)≥1920 Hz
Coigeartú GileLeibhéil 256
Ag féachaint ar Uillinn120 °
Viewing Distance (m)5 m - 12 m
Ceanglais Soláthair CumhachtaInput Voltage DC5-3.5V / AC85-240V
Average Power Consumption (W/m²)180 W / m²
Peak Power Consumption (W/m²)600 W / m²
Méid Comh-Aireachta (mm)1000 1000 mm x mm x 70 mm
Meáchan (kg)kg 16
Modh SuiteálaHanging, fixed installation
Modh CothabhálaCothabháil tosaigh
Chosaint LeibhéalIndoor, not waterproof
Screen Lifespan (h)Uair an chloig ≥100,000
Riachtanais ComhshaoilTemperature: -10°C to +40°C; Humidity: 15% to 90% RH

4.     Video Walls for Motion Picture:

The best kind providing an immersive viewer experience, video walls are usually located at the primed locations at the mall such as at the elevator and wherever the advertisements would pop such that the consumer is compelled to buy.

Multiple tilted LED screen video walls can be combined to provide a beautiful advertisement experience.

How much does a shopping mall LED screen cost?

·       Outdoor shopping mall LED display cost:

Outdoor shopping mall LED display price can be the costliest and it would vary depending upon several factors. They need to have a robust display frame to last longer along with the frame being rust-free.

Since outdoor LED displays tend to be larger and bulkier, the shopping mall LED display price includes the cost of their installation as well as management later on. All of this can make the cost go up to thousands of dollars.

This is definitely a premium way of putting your business out there and one that is worth investing in.

·       Indoor fixed shopping mall LED display cost:

Indoor fixed shopping mall LED displays are mostly less costly but provide the better benefit of being customizable. You can customize the indoor screens according to your liking. On average, this would cost a business anywhere between $500-$2000.

Indoor fixed shopping mall LED displays also tend to have resolution ranges and the resolutions of full HD or4K are costlier than those of mid-range resolutions.

·       Transparent LED display for retail store cost:

Being a technological marvel, transparent LED displays are then priced similarly which are higher ranges. They provide unique advertisement visuals with an immersive experience as you get to see the best.

The average retail store LED display cost for transparent LED displays can range from $3000-$10,000 and even higher depending upon your requirements. Such a display also requires a very strong content management system which also comes at a price.

Finally, its transparent structure and frame give it leverage over the usual advertisement displays and can enhance your business image if you are ready to pay the price.

·       LED poster display cost:

Póstaer Taispeáin LED

Displaying static imagery is perhaps the least costly LED display out there and does not need you to empty your pockets a lot.

LED poster display can easily be budgeted within $500-$2000 and give an amazing viewer experience. With the display posters usually displaying static images rather than moving content, these posters do not require extra-high resolution and can be installed and maintained even on lesser hardware.

Their standard sizes typically range from 25 to 55 inches and they are perfect for businesses on a budget to display their content. Customers can largely benefit from these or stop by to give a glance if they display offers and discounts.

·       Shopping mall cylindrical LED screen price:

siopa cuartha taispeáint LED

Cylindrical or curved LED displays put forward a great aesthetic value. They display motion pictures such that they amuse every viewer. Their price depends upon the circumference.

The larger the circumference, the more would the cost to install cylindrical LED screens at the shopping malls. It is also not easy to find locations to install these and they would require pillar or curved areas of the shopping mall.

On average you will be paying around $5000-$20,000 per square meter for a cylindrical LED screen. This price largely varies on the resolution you are aiming for and the pixels of the display you feel are the most fitted for your consumer base.

While the traditional flat displays may surely cost less, for cylindrical LEDs, shopping mall LED dispay price pays off well in the long run.

·       Shopping mall tree LED screen price

taispeáint LED crann

Shopping mall LED screen displays customized as a tree are few and not very readily available due to their complex structure and function. Owing to this, LED tree screens or have an intricate design that’s too costly as it comes with hours of human effort being put into designing the structure.

This type of LED display also requires a robust management system that would help it display the visuals properly and accurately without tripping. It is amusing to spot a tree blushing with bright colors and LED lights while displaying advertisements. It is also for those who want to outsell their business and have the funds to do so as well.

Because of not being readily available, they require a good amount of time to be manufactured, installed, and properly set up for functioning. Alongside, the management costs come heavy due to the numerous interconnections it carries.

On average retail store LED display costs for the foliage displays start from $3000 and may range to several thousand dollars depending on your level of needs and customizations.


The LED screen displays are indeed a great way to propel your brand’s image forward. Positioned rightly, these LED screen displays may go a long way. The consumer base gets to experience stunning visuals and read all the information about a brand/product in an eye-catching manner.

If done right, these screens play a pivotal role in bringing foot traffic to the malls and compelling them to shop and buy the products.

While shopping malls are a great for the placement of LED screen displays, you should consider the retail store LED display costs. If your budgeting can be done right then LED screen displays at the shopping malls are surely worth investing in.