Cé mhéad a Chosnaíonn Balla LED Úsáidte Le Díol?

Electronics industry is full of the advanced and modern electronic items that are now more capable of minimizing human efforts than before. Gone are the days when the users have to struggle in transferring their equipment or get them repaired due to unavailability of parts or pieces.

Today, technology has brought a revolution in human efforts and comfort by providing better ways to handle and manage usage of the electronic items. In fact, today you can find multiple marketplaces dealing in used items, especially a used LED wall for sale.

While getting a new LED is exciting and tedious at the same time, a second-hand LED wall can bring a huge difference. It isn’t only affordable but also offers opportunity to try out different variants, models or brands within a short time period. This way, you can have a better understanding about what type of LED wall would suit you.

However, if you are someone who likes to be prepared before going on a real shopping spree, here are some tips and tricks about how to choose the right used LED wall:

Where to Buy Used LED Wall?

The first and foremost thing is to figure out the right places for search. Based on thorough research and data collection, below is the list that could guide you about how to proceed ahead:

Margaí Ar Líne

While you will be overwhelmed with the options, it’s important to always choose the most trusted one- after all, it’s about investing on the right item.

Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace and eBay have always been amongst the most trusted platform to give a kick start to the search. Not only they have a huge variety of used LED wall for sale but they also offer easy communication to know about the products.

However, there are equally higher risks involved in the deal. Since you meet a seller online, there is no one to authenticate their actions. In other words, they could be scammers who want your money. Therefore, always be cautious about the sellers- check their ratings and detailed product descriptions to check their credibility.


Visiting auction websites means that you can easily grab bulk deals for your workplace or an educational institution. Sites like, Liquidation.com and B-Stock have numerous used LED wall for sale cost that can never go heavy on your pocket.

Basically, these auction websites get their inventory from businesses that are liquidating or planning for an upgrade. So, you can get the best deals here!

Industrial Events

Attending large-scale events means that you will be having first-hand products directly from the users/sellers. Such events pride themselves for offering advertising displays, audiovisual technology and digital signage LED walls at quite reasonable prices.

Refurbishers and Resellers

Since refurbishers used to inspect, fix and put up used LED wall for sale, you can be rest assured about getting a good conditioned product. The best part is, you can expect to have better image quality as compared to what you may find in any random thrift store.

In fact, these refurbishers offer after-sale service in terms of warranty and technical support for a certain time period. Therefore, you may call them whenever you need.

Líonra Gairmiúil

Having good industrial connections can get you many deals for second-hand LED walls. Your contacts can bridge the gap between you and the sellers or maybe a reliable vendor who has some exciting deals for their customers.

The key element is to use social media for such deal hunting, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, where most of the companies post their important advertisements.

What Do You Need to Consider When Buying A Second-Hand LED Screen?

The next crucial step is to figure out what elements or features are necessary. You have to make a list of important elements so that everything stays up to the mark in the end.

In case of any confusion as to what should be considered, below is the list to consider:

Méid agus Toisí

The selection of size depends upon the availability of space you will be installing the second-hand LEDs. Therefore, it’s important to always figure out the right size for your space. This doesn’t only save you from wasting money but also ensure post-installation ease and satisfaction.

Picteilín agus Taifeach

Resolution refers to the visual experience and picture quality that is directly related to the distance between the LED wall and the viewers. So, if you plan to install a high-resolution LED, then be sure to pay a higher price or vice versa.

As for pixel pitch, it is the distance between two adjacent pixels that also demonstrate the picture quality. The lower the pixel pitch, the greater will be the pricing.

When both elements are combined, the rule becomes- the higher the pixel pitch, the lower will be the solution and so does its price or vice versa.

Aois agus Coinníoll

Always start by inspecting the connection ports and panels of the second-hand LED followed by their working age and nature of use. Models in good condition don’t ask for extensive maintenance as compared to those with visible wear and tear.

Moreover, don’t forget to check their resolution. Switch on the used LED wall and check for dead pixels, spots, non-uniform brightness or discoloration.

Brand Name and Manufacturer

While these two elements sound unnecessary, they are capable of demonstrating the actual efficiency and performance of your second-hand LED walls.

Every brand has its own quality status and specialty that make their products different from others. Hence, it’s your responsibility to figure out which option would be your choice.

Gnéithe Breise

Other than the above factors, there are many more things to take into consideration.

Check their mounting hardware, panels, connectors, warranty & support and most important, post-sale services. These are the elements that will authenticate your selection and give you peace of mind.

How Much Does used led wall for sale Cost?

Apart from the aforementioned factors, the used LED wall cost depends upon its size and pixel pitch.

Many customers are unaware of their significance and therefore, struggle to find a piece of their choice. To avoid such problem, it’s important to have complete insight about the price variations due to dimensions and pixel pitch.

Used led video wall cost according to pixel pitch

·       P2.6 Used LED Wall

P2.6 refers to pixel size that tends to be the smallest in LED displays.

With 2.6 pixels and 3840 Hz refresh rate, you can expect the LED walls to have smoother visuals, motion blur and minimum flicker. In fact, the image quality remains the same from different viewing angles.

The price for such video wall displays could vary from $10,000 to $25,000, so you can expect to steal the deal without compromising on the amenities.

Úsáidte Unilumin P2.6 UGN faoi dhíon

  • Faoi stiúir: Xindeco SMD1515
  • IC:ICN2053
  • Cárta glactha: Novastar A5s plus
  • Méid na Comh-Aireachta: 500×500
  • Bliain Léirithe: 2021

Úsáidte Unilumin P2.6 UGNII faoi dhíon

  • Faoi stiúir: sreang Nationstar SMD1515
  • IC: MBI 5264
  • Cárta glactha: Novastar A8s
  • Méid na Comh-Aireachta: 500×500
  • Bliain Léirithe: 2022Stoc: 195SQM

Úsáidte Unilumin P2.6 UGMII faoi dhíon

  • Faoi stiúir: Xindeco SMD1515
  • IC:ICN2053
  • Cárta glactha: Novastar A4
  • Méid na Comh-Aireachta: 500×500
  • Bliain Léirithe: 2021

Cliceáil anseo chun níos mó eolais a fháil used P2.6 LED video wall

·       P3.91 used LED wall

Finding a P3.91 used LED wall for sale can get you an incredible picture quality along with energy saving. The best part is this type of LED wall display is more active in recycling loops, thereby minimize electronic waste.

P3.91 LED display is perfect for exhibitions, retails displays, concerts, corporate events, outdoor advertisements or trade shows. These medium-ranged used LED wall cost anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000, which could be a quite affordable deal if done at the right time.

Úsáidte Gloshine P3.9 LS Allamuigh

Cineál: Taispeáint LED ar cíos lasmuigh

  • Pic picteilín: P3.9/3.9mm
  • stiúir: Nationstar SMD1921
  • IC: MBI5252
  • Cárta glactha: Novastar MRV210
  • Méid na Comh-Aireachta: 500×500 & 500×1000
  • Bliain Léirithe: 2020
  • Stock: 243SQM: 500×1000;32SQM:500×500

Úsáidte Gloshine P3.9 Sraith CL Lasmuigh

  • Cineál: Taispeáint LED ar cíos lasmuigh
  • Pic picteilín: P3.9/3.9mm
  • LED: Kinglight SMD1921IC:MBI 5254
  • Cárta glactha: Novastar A5s
  • Méid na Comh-Aireachta: 500×500
  • Bliain Léirithe: 2021Stoc: 150SQM

Úsáidte Gloshine P3.9 BE Allamuigh

  • Cineál: Taispeáint LED ar cíos lasmuigh
  • Pic picteilín: P3.9/3.9mm
  • LED: kinglight SMD1921IC:CS 2033
  • Cárta glactha: Novastar AT 32
  • Méid na Comh-Aireachta: 500×500 & 500×1000
  • Bliain Léirithe: 2021Stoc: 700SQM: 500×1000;100SQM:500×500

Cliceáil anseo chun níos mó eolais a fháil used P3.9 LED video wall

·       P4.81 Used LED Wall

P4.81 LED displays are perfect for outdoor use or in theatres, where no one can afford to compromise on image quality. With 1600 and 3,500-4,000 nits brightness, the visual quality will be unparalleled and stunning! These used LED walls work on 4.81mm pixel pitch and provide crystal clear and ultra-high display.

With that being said, the starting price for P4.81 LED walls is $3,000 that goes up to $10,000 based on the level of brightness, LED module and workable life.

Úsáidte leyard P4.8 taispeáint LED lasmuigh

Úsáidte Leyard P4.8 Snáithín carbóin lasmuigh

  • Cineál: Taispeáint LED ar cíos lasmuigh
  • Pic picteilín: P4.8/4.8mm
  • stiúir: Kinglight SMD2525
  • IC:MBI5124 (1920hz)
  • Cárta glactha: Novastar
  • Méid na Comh-Aireachta: 1000×500
  • Bliain Léirithe: 2019

Úsáidte Lightlink P4.8 Allamuigh Rock B

  • Cineál: Taispeáint LED ar cíos lasmuigh
  • Pic picteilín: P4.8/4.8mm
  • stiúir: Kinglight LED
  • IC:ICN2055(3840hz)
  • Cárta glactha: Novastar
  • Méid na Comh-Aireachta: 500×1000
  • Bliain Léirithe: 2020Stoc: 100SQM

Úsáidte Di Dath P4.8 Allamuigh D sraith

  • Cineál: Taispeáint LED ar cíos lasmuigh
  • Pic picteilín: P4.8/4.8mm
  • LED: Kinglight SMD1921IC:MBI5124
  • Cárta glactha: Novastar
  • Méid na Comh-Aireachta: 500×500
  • Bliain Léirithe: 2018Stoc: 80SQM

Cliceáil anseo chun níos mó eolais a fháil used P4.8 LED video wall

Used LED Video Wall Cost According to Size

When it comes to finding the right used LED wall for sale cost, it’s crucial to pay attention on the size you are looking for.

·       Méid Beag

Small LED walls are widely available in dimensions between 4ft x 3 ft and 6ft x 4 ft with the cost ranging from $1,500 to $5,000. These compact sized LED displays are perfect for small setups like indoor watch party, pubs or home business.

·       Meánmhéid

With an incredible balance in cost and size, these medium sized displays are ideal for corporate meetings and events. Be certain that the used LED wall for sale cost from $5,000 to $15,000 with sizing between 10ft x 6 ft and 12ft x 8ft.

·       Méid Large

Last but not the least, these large sized LED walls are a bit expensive between of their image quality and obviously, the dimensions. You can find them anywhere in 20ft x 10ft for at least $15,000 up to $50,000. With immersive visuals and good resolution, they are perfect for eye catching events like big marketplace and highly-crowded venues like Time Square, New York.


Finding a budget friendly yet a good quality used LED wall for sale cost is a bit difficult but informative at the same time. You can learn a lot of things during your search.

Going for second-hand LED display is something that requires extra knowledge and careful assessment because not every used product could meet the expectations. While you have a huge list of suppliers or stockists, it’s important to always do some homework before approaching any of them.

As a buyer, you must know the key elements or factors that you want to find in the used LED.